Car-O-Liner Measuring System

Backed by the world’s largest vehicle database, the Car-O-Liner Measuring System supports the entire repair process from initial damage analysis and assessment to final checks and documentation. Our auto body technicians take intricate measurements of your vehicle to confirm that the frame is properly aligned to factory specifications.

New and updated vehicle models are continuously measured a team of engineers in co-operation with vehicle manufacturers around the world. The measurements are collected in Car-O-Data; the most complete vehicle database on the market. Covering nearly all new and updated models, today more than 10,000 vehicles, it consistently provides current and reliable data.

USI Italia Spray Booths

USI Produces an elite line of spray booths and paint mixing rooms to ensure the best environment for paint application, drying and curing. Their special ventilation and filtering system guarantees absence of dust to allow for perfect painting results.

The USI Italia spraybooths have also a unique curing cycle and air recirculating system ensuring identical air velocity for both the paint and curing cycle, and during the bake phase 90% of the heated air is recycled conserving considerable energy, which benefits the environment.

PPG Automotive Finishes

If you have a difficult paint color to match, never fear. Our paint technicians use the highest quality automotive finishes from PPG. With PPG waterborne, the uniform evaporation rate works in conjunction with the unique latex fingers to orient the metallic flakes in just the right position, providing the appropriate color travel from face to flop.

Besides the superior color matching ability of PPG, it is also more environmentally friendly than the old-fashioned counterparts. Reports from the field indicate that PPG waterborne generates up to 75 percent less hazardous waste than what is typical for solvent basecoat.