Expert Collision Repairs

You could say that automotive repair is engrained in our genes. We are proud to be a family-owned company with more than three generations of experience in the Auto Body industry. Our expertise goes far beyond what is taught in any automotive school.

It all started with Ray’s Body Shop in Roseville, California. Ray Glick was a wonderful man with strong family values, a good heart, and a knack for racing cars at the All-American Speedway. He taught his sons, and then his grandsons, the tools of the trade when it came to fixing automobiles. More importantly, he taught them the importance of family, community, and the value of an honest day’s work.

That same spirit continues on with the team of experts at Top Notch Collision Repairs. We combine the tried and true methods that Ray used with today’s modern tools, techniques and equipment to return your car to pre-accident condition.


Extraordinary Customer Service

At Top Notch, we are blessed to have an amazing team of people who really enjoy helping others. From our Estimators and Body Shop staff to the Director of First Impressions, our mission is to keep our customers happy and well-informed.

We don’t believe in taking shortcuts, cutting corners, or misleading our customers. Honest, open communication is the basis for our customer service standards. If something isn’t right, we will work diligently to fix the problem. While our tools and equipment are high-tech, our customer service is simply old-fashioned.